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Load Ya Boat came about to make life easy for a mate and his family to land his boat unassisted no matter what the conditions. Although the concept is out there, Tony Cohen set out to design a universal product to solve many tinny owners’ problems. Through trial and error with Steve Mead and his trusty tinny the fully adjustable wing and bracketry system have developed into a simple and easy to use loading system suitable for 99% of tinny trailers. “Mate can you give me a hand, I can’t get my tinny to come up straight on my trailer”, sound familiar? The new “Load Ya Boat” System saves stress, embarrassment or the occasional bad word without having to ask for help.

The previous methods to make a self-centring loading system involved the combination of several trailer parts all individually welded or bolted to achieve a similar outcome, it needed to be simplified. Therefore, a purpose built solution that was simple and easy to install was the way to go.

The draft design of a one piece winged bracket system was aimed to guide the boats keel on the centre roller of the trailer no matter what angle the boat was coming in. A prototype was made and Steve tested it in varied conditions including wind and chop and we discovered the ability to drive the boat onto the trailer with two “Load Ya Boat” brackets installed in both rear and second roller positions without the fear of damaging both your tinny or trailer. This design was refined and the bracket strengthened to cope with the pressure.

For greater stability and perfect loading the installation of our new aluminium rails with Teflon skids, you can now “Load Ya Boat” independently without stress and frustration when retrieving your boat at the ramp. Also, check out the motor support bracket in the accessories section when purchasing your “Load Ya Boat” system. 


Steven Mead and Tony Cohen