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Installation Videos

Three easy steps to install Load Ya Boat

1/ unpack your Load Ya Boat trailer parts system and make sure you have the following:

  • The uniquely designed and galvanised Load Ya Boat winged bracket with stainless steel rivets.

(We recommend the inclusion of Load ya Boat’s purpose built aluminium skids lined with Teflon to get an exceptional result.)

  • The 2 adjustable legs, including 2 bolts with locking nuts.

What you’ll need:

  • Adjustable spanner/wrench or Socket Set
  • Hammer
  • Grinder or hacksaw
  • CRC/WD40
  • Marine grease

2/ To get the job done you’ll need to get the boat off the trailer. You can do that by either laying the boat down onto some old tyres or launch the boat at your local ramp and work on it in the car park.

Please ensure you are confident of being able to retrieve your boat back onto the trailer before proceeding.

3/ With the boat off the trailer, you’re ready to go.

  • Firstly, remove the old boat trailer roller and bracket. It may be fused or rusty. Give it a spray with CRC or WD40, wait, then try get it undone. If it still won’t move, you may succeed with a hammer to loosen it, or a grinder/hacksaw may be required depending on how stuck the adjusting bolts are.
  • Once you have the old bracket out, place the arms of the winged Load Ya Boat into the adjusting mounts on the trailer.
  • Get the boat back up on the trailer.
  • Adjust the height of the bracket to match the height of your existing rollers.
  • Once you’ve adjusted the legs to suit your trailer bracket, we recommend smearing grease on the bolt thread, so it spreads throughout the hole as you tighten it up.
  • Finally, lock off the second lock nut, and the job is done.

If you have purchased the Load Ya Boat alloy Skids, now is the time to install them. Do one at a time with the same process in mind.

  • Unbolt the current skids from the wood yokes (uprights), remove the skid material.
  • Loosen the adjuster bolts on the trailer to allow for the wood yokes to move freely up and down.
  • Slide in and bolt up the new and improved skids. Make sure they protrude satisfactorily from the rear of the trailer. This will help guide your boat around on difficult days.
  • Push new skids up to the boats hull and tighten up the bolts on the adjuster.
  • Give the bottom of the wood yokes (uprights) a tap with the hammer to ensure it is firmly on the hull.
  • Complete the tightening of the adjuster bolts.
  • Repeat process for the other side.

Your Done. Too Easy!