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Load Ya Boat is the latest innovation in boat trailer accessories. It is a universal bracket system designed for quick, easy retrieval of your aluminium boat at the ramp.

The unique winged design of Load Ya Boat won’t make your tinnie go as fast as Australia II did in the America’s Cup years ago, but it will provide you a fast and seamless retrieval of your boat onto the trailer without needing any assistance. There is no other boat trailer parts system like it on the market.

The Load Ya Boat trailer parts kit comes in two versions. There is the ‘drive ya boat’ solution, which consists of two winged trailer brackets and boat trailer skids, so you can drive your boat up onto the trailer. The ‘wind ya boat’ system, consists of a single winged bracket and boat trailer skids, which allow you to manually wind the boat up onto the trailer without needing help to align the keel with the centre boat trailer rollers.

The system has also been designed with adjustable legs, so that it can be installed onto 99% of boat trailers. The unique bracket system can be custom fit to your trailer with multi-angled legs and height adjustment to seat the system firmly to the hull of your boat. Load Ya Boat can be configured to suit varied bracket positions, and is suitable for all aluminium vessels up to 5 metres or 16.5 ft.

Best of all, it is easy to install. You will be able to do it yourself and have the job done in about an hour. From there, it will be hassle free retrieving of your boat following a great day on the water.

Make it Easy, with Load Ya Boat



Loading a Tinnie on to its trailer in strong winds or fast running tidal currents can be difficult.


Not with LOAD “YA” BOAT! This unique system of rails and rollers automatically centres the boat on the trailer.


It means you can load with confidence in difficult situations with improved safety and less risk of damage.